The purpose of the initial FREE consultation is to get a better understanding of your health goals, challenges and willingness to take action.  I will share how I work with clients to optimize energy, increase immunity and significantly increase overall health. I will also give you program options and share my successful coaching technique, so that you will be confident in your decision to work with me.

My practice is located in beautiful Santa Monica, CA.  I am currently seeing clients @Clover Park and via facetime &  skype.  So please don't hesitate to contact me from anywhere. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

In early January 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 3A Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  One of the first calls I made was to my old elementary school friend, Lawson Digby.  While I was choosing to have modern medicine play a huge role in my treatment, I needed to feel that I had explored every alternative to help save my life.  Lawson sprung into action and changed everything about the way I looked at my body and nourished it.  He guided my actions toward a holistic approach of healing through food and supplements, as well as, tending to my spiritual side.  My body responded beautifully!  I felt better, with cancer and on chemo, than I had in years...Lawson knows how to get all the pieces to work in harmony to the benefit of your life.  His passion for what he does and the people he treats is evident with the first words out of his mouth!  Kimberly H. ~ Houston, TX

As a chiropractor of 37 years, I feel lucky to have found a holistic health coach as knowledgeable and caring as Lawson Digby. He has personally taken me thru his individualized program, meeting with me on a weekly basis and always available to address any of my questions or concerns. I thought I was in pretty good shape but I now find myself with increased energy and a sense of well being that I haven't had for years. I think Lawson is "top notch" and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their health physically, mentally or emotionally. He will take your hand and make sure that you reach your goals.  Gary M. DC ~ Santa Monica, CA

I started working with Lawson mainly to lose weight, at the same time I was experiencing low energy, had poor nutrition habits, and I couldn’t seem to get enough sleep. Following his recommendations, within two weeks I stopped needing to sleep as much as I had been. I also experienced more energy and motivation. Lawson is extremely knowledgeable in his field and with his big heart and open arms I assure you are in great hands.

I've lost 15 pounds and feel much more energetic. He's passionate about helping people reach their goals and understands the changes he recommends. I have had the great pleasure of meeting him at a farmers market where he took the time to show me around, educate, and recommend what to buy and what to stay away from. No hunger, or deprivation.  He's fun to work with:  great sense of humor, and dead serious (he will raid your kitchen) about helping you get realistic results. No quick fixes, but lifestyle changes I can live with. I feel immensely blessed to have someone who not only knows what he's doing but has the best intentions at heart and truly cares about your well being. ~ Tania S. Los Angeles, CA

Coach Lawson's program is the real deal.  Through the various action steps implemented throughout each session, I could feel my internal system gradually getting stronger and stronger.  I can honestly say my life has improved drastically in all holistic categories, body mind and soul.  If you are serious about making lasting life changes, I would strongly recommend to try out his program.  Noe Z. ~ Los Angeles, CA

T. Lawson Digby

Board Certified Holistic Practitioner, Coach & Food Educator

Immune System Specialist & Fertility Coach