T. Lawson Digby

Natural Holistic Coach (Immunity & Fertility) - Fooducator/Nutritarian

AADP Board Certified Holistic Practitioner

I came to Coach Lawson with health issues that were eventually going to lead me to living a life on medications, hospitalization, and a poor standard of living. Coach Lawson introduced new action steps each session which made me feel that changing my lifestyle was possible. Since working with Coach Lawson, I have have completely reversed my diagnosis. Working with someone that possesses such a rich understanding of the relationship between foods and biology made it easy to 100% trust the direction that he was guiding me in. Because of Coach Lawson, I sleep better at night, move throughout my day with far more energy, and am able to rest in the knowledge that I have only added years to a much happier life.   Neil D. ~ Santa Monica, CA

I am a person who has dieted and exercised his entire life. I thought I knew all that there was to know about health/wellness. When my partner started seeing Coach Lawson, I couldn't believe the changes that were happening before my very eyes! The difference was so astonishing that I had to check it out. I began to follow the plan out of support; but what ended up happening was that I found myself learning about aspects of my health that no classroom or life experience could have ever taught me. Coach Lawson's program transcends all diet trends or culinary fads that exists today. Coach Lawson's program is a program that adds life to lifestyle.  Ronnie S. ~ Santa Monica, CA

Where to begin!  Coach Lawson has transformed my life - mind, body & spirit - and I owe my deepest gratitude to him.  Over the course of 14yrs., I suffered from extreme migraines, so extreme that life seemed impossible to take on.  For the majority of my life, I was also ill; doctors one year would tell me I had Epstein Barr Virus, the next pneumonia, another that I was "just wearing myself down".  As a result of the constant suffering of migraines, lack of energy and overall lack of well-being (which had become my new norm), I became clinically depressed.

Since being introduced to Coach Lawson, my world had changed!  I no longer have migraines, my Epstein Barr Virus that had once ruled my life no longer plays a role in my world.  Through his guidance and coaching, I have been able to transform my body by eliminating illnesses I had for 14yrs.  But what is even more profound is the effects of my new health has had on all aspects of my life.  For the first time, I have truly felt my depression dissipate; I have a connection to the foods I am eating and understand the importance and HOW to nourish my body; and I have created lifestyle - mind, body & spirit - that I am excited to continue to foster and fulfill.  Thank you Coach Lawson!!  Gabby B. ~ Valencia, CA

There's life in my life again!  So grateful for Coach Lawson.  With his knowledge, his living example and my willingness to make holistic choices, we have halted my downward spiral.  I'm on my way up now.  I recommend Coach Lawson to everyone ready to make a jailbreak from a culture of compromised food.  Lily H. ~ Santa Monica, CA

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Coach Lawson. I was blessed to have met him at a turning point in my life. The knowledge and opportunities provided to me through his program have forever changed me.  I sincerely appreciate that his program contains a full life balance outlook, not just a single focus. Coach Lawson truly helped me evaluate every area in my life and start a plan to create improvement in each.  It has been helpful that I can go back and review our steps, find recommendations from previous sessions all in my detailed recaps.  His knowledge of true pure product is impressive and so very critical to what our bodies need.  His perseverance to help you dig deep, overcome life long bad habits, bad thought processes and general overall healing is what defines him as a great healer in my mind.  Lawson has brought physical and emotional healing into my life and I am forever a healthier, happier and better person because of his coaching.  Tammy K. ~ Covina, CA

Having achieved my ideal weight and fitness levels, it was a total shock to find myself in the ER one Friday night, with what turned out to be gallstones.  Naturally, I turned down the surgeons kind offer to take out my gallbladder and instead chose a more holistic approach.  After a little research, I found myself speaking with Coach Lawson, before meeting up for a provisional session.  At first, considering I was pretty well educated about nutrition and my health needs, I wasn't sure what Coach Lawson would be bringing to the table.  However, his manor and approach was a breath of fresh air and so to were his methods and experience.  After six sessions, however subtle the changes have been including improved sleep quality, strengthened adrenal health and a clean liver & gallbladder, they are indeed a powerful adjustment and because of his mindful approach, they are in total sync with my own core values.  Jason L. ~ Venice, CA

Coach Lawson really helped inspire me to get my health back in control. I came to Coach Lawson because my skin disorder, Psoriasis had severely flared up covering over 60% of my body.  I had strictly been working with conventional doctors and he came highly recommended from a good friend.  So I decided to meet him and after our first meeting he taught me about how my lifestyle factors were affecting my skin disorder.
During the time I worked with him he put me on a plan that improved so many areas of my life beyond what I came to him for.  He taught me the importance of implementing and balancing quality food nutrition, herbal supplementation, spiritual, mindset, relationships and more while being compassionate and understanding.  Every session with him was enlightening and healing. As a result I have been able to manage my stress levels much better, feel more energy and gratitude for life.  I am so grateful to have him on my wellness team as the main goal and so much more has been achieved: my psoriasis has cleared up and I have a lifetime of tools and wisdom that will continue to help me live my best life. Thank you Coach Lawson
!  Mark G. ~ West Hills, CA

I was introduced to Coach Lawson by a dear friend of mine. The reason was because I had shared with my friend that this doctor wanted to do surgery on me to remove my thyroid. Not to mention, I was on medication that was making me feel not so great. So I called Coach Lawson and he went right to work. I was able to get off the medication completely and also start to have better eating habits too. I love what my life has become because due to the better eating habits, relationships are better and overall life is so much more amazing. During my session with Coach Lawson, I lost my husband but he was such a blessing for me to get through my pain and grieving. He was a great help to get me through the early stages of my loss. He truly has been an amazing blessing in my life. I will be seeing Coach Lawson again for additional sessions in the near future. Thank you so much Coach for being so amazing in such a low time in my life. You have helped me become a better me and aware of what I am putting in my body to live a better life!  Dehaven L. ~ Ontario, CA

I had a panel of laboratory tests done and I was concerned over some nutritional deficiencies found in lab results.  Additionally, I was looking for a nutritionist that WALKED HIS TALK.  Coach Lawson shows you what perfect health looks like by the choices he makes in foods and supplements.  In other words, he looks like what I someday hope to achieve-healthy and vibrant.  If you want "traditional" nutritional coaching for hospital patients or fad diets, he is not for you.  If you want long term and GREAT health, he is the one to go to!

I've had 3 private sessions with Coach Lawson.  In each one I have progressed each and every time.  His recommendations for supplements are not over the counter items at CVS or Walgreens.  He will give you websites to ultra pure and NUTRIENT dense products that will enhance your wellness in all respects.  He is very knowledgeable, personable, truly cares and is open for questions and suggestions when needed.  I have consulted with other nutritionists for diets, health concerns and have only found their knowledge to be mainstream but to get optimal results, you need optimal coaching.  I am willing to take all the necessary steps to achieve this.  With his guidance and kindness, I feel the journey is doable and I am already seeing results in just one month!!!  Alma N. ~ Pasadena, CA

I am so grateful that I found Coach Lawson.  I thought I was eating very well and leading a healthy lifestyle until he educated me.  I learned how to make small, gradual moves to change my habits and to make time to care for myself.  I was shocked when I found out many of the things I was doing were unhealthy from the water I was drinking to the food I was consuming and products I was putting on my body. 

I look forward to providing myself nourishment, energy and positive thoughts with each delicious meal I prepare.  I have learned to make better choices and to respect my life and my beautiful body and how to care for it in the best possible ways through Coach Lawson.  Cindy B. ~ W. Hollywood, CA

In early January 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 3A Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  One of the first calls I made was to my old elementary school friend, Coach Lawson Digby.  While I was choosing to have modern medicine play a huge role in my treatment, I needed to feel that I had explored every alternative to help save my life.  Coach Lawson sprung into action and changed everything about the way I looked at my body and nourished it.  He guided my actions toward a holistic approach of healing through food and supplements, as well as, tending to my spiritual side.  My body responded beautifully!  I felt better, with cancer and on chemo, than I had in years...he knows how to get all the pieces to work in harmony to the benefit of your life.  His passion for what he does and the people he treats is evident with the first words out of his mouth!  Kimberly H. ~ Houston, TX

As a chiropractor of 37 years, I feel lucky to have found a holistic health coach as knowledgeable and caring as Coach Lawson Digby. He has personally taken me thru his individualized program, meeting with me on a weekly basis and always available to address any of my questions or concerns. I thought I was in pretty good shape but I now find myself with increased energy and a sense of well being that I haven't had for years. I think Coach Lawson is "top notch" and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their health physically, mentally or emotionally. He will take your hand and make sure that you reach your goals.  Gary M., DC ~ Santa Monica, CA

I started working with Coach Lawson mainly to lose weight, at the same time I was experiencing low energy, had poor nutrition habits, and I couldn’t seem to get enough sleep. Following his recommendations, within two weeks I stopped needing to sleep as much as I had been. I also experienced more energy and motivation. Lawson is extremely knowledgeable in his field and with his big heart and open arms I assure you are in great hands.

I've lost 15 pounds and feel much more energetic. He's passionate about helping people reach their goals and understands the changes he recommends. I have had the great pleasure of meeting him at a farmers market where he took the time to show me around, educate, and recommend what to buy and what to stay away from. No hunger, or deprivation.  He's fun to work with:  great sense of humor, and dead serious (he will raid your kitchen) about helping you get realistic results. No quick fixes, but lifestyle changes I can live with. I feel immensely blessed to have someone who not only knows what he's doing but has the best intentions at heart and truly cares about your well being.  Tania S. ~ Los Angeles, CA

Coach Lawson's program is the real deal. My stress and anxiety have significantly reduced.  Digestive health has increased.  Still work in progress with the gut but I've seen major improvements.  Dependency on coffee is gone.  Feel much more energized throughout the day.  More relaxed and patient and my mood has gotten more stable. Through the various action steps implemented throughout each session, I could feel my internal system gradually getting stronger and stronger.  I can honestly say my life has improved drastically in all holistic categories, body mind and soul.  If you are serious about making lasting life changes, I would strongly recommend to try out his program.  Noe Z. ~ Los Angeles, CA

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