Over the past 24+years, I have worked in the health and fitness industry in professions such as personal fitness trainer, nutraceutical sales representative and total rehabilitation of significantly injured and immune compromised animals (dogs & cats) via means of holistic nutrition. In late 2012, I began my practice here as an "immune system specialist" and in 2016, I incorporated "fertility coach" into my holistic practice.

After compromising my own health {severe, systemic candida, severe, chronic Epstein-Barr (actually the hhv-6 virus for me) and stage 3 adrenal fatigue along with a plethora of additional conditions}, I enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (summer of 2012) which gave me a deep foundation and understanding of what true, sustainable health is made of. However, having to battle through a scorching, hot fire enabled me to gain invaluable empirical knowledge in regards to healing the digestive and immune system that no school or university could offer.  Similarly, by providing and nourishing the body's systems (ie reproductive system, fertility) with what they need to function optimally, they will be able to do and do very well what they are intended and designed to do.

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T. Lawson Digby

Board Certified Holistic Practitioner, Coach & Food Educator

Immune System Specialist & Fertility Coach


Holistic Health Practitioners are knowledgeable advisers who provide ongoing support and guide you as you as you set goals and make life-long changes that improve your health and happiness.  As your holistic coach, I will listen carefully to help you navigate through any contradictory diet and lifestyle information to determine changes that are ideal for you.