T. Lawson Digby

Natural Holistic Coach (Immunity & Fertility) - Fooducator/Nutritarian

AADP Board Certified Holistic Practitioner


Holistic Health Practitioners are knowledgeable advisers who provide ongoing support and guide you as you set goals and make life-long changes that improve your health and happiness.  As your holistic coach, I will listen carefully to help you navigate through any contradictory diet and lifestyle information to determine changes that are ideal for you.


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Since 1992, I have worked in the health and fitness industry in professions such as personal fitness trainer, nutraceutical sales representative and total rehabilitation of significantly injured and immune compromised animals (canines & felines) via means of holistic nutrition. In late 2012, I began my practice here as an "immune system specialist" and in 2016, I incorporated "fertility coach" into my holistic practice.

His passion for what he does and the people he treats is evident with the first words out of his mouth! ~ Kimberly H. - Houston, TX

After compromising my own health {severe, systemic candida, severe, chronic Epstein-Barr (technically the hhv-6 virus) and stage 3 adrenal fatigue along with a plethora of additional conditions}, I disappointingly found out that "doctors", even my "integrative doctor" literally had no clue of how to help me.  Soon after this realization, I enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (March of 2013) which gave me a deep foundation and understanding of what true, sustainable health is made of. However, having to battle through a scorching, hot fire, it enabled me to gain invaluable empirical knowledge in regards to healing the digestive, detox and immune systems. I started my private practice (from home, via online video sessions) in the fall of 2013 and now have a thriving practice in Santa Monica, CA in which I work with  clients addressing all types of various immune related conditions, fertility and more.

I thought I was in pretty good shape but I now find myself with increased energy and a sense of well being that I haven't had for years. ~ Gary M. - Santa Monica, CA

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